1What should I wear?
Simply wear comfortable clothing. Many students come from work, as well.
2What kind of shoes should I wear?
Ladies, wear a comfortable heel. Men, try something without grip. You should definitely bring a change of shoes.
3Do I need a partner?
No. Dance is a social experience. Our staff will dance with you and you will you meet new dance partners in our community.
4What I have 2 Left Feet?
We keep an extra right foot on had just for you! And spoiler alert: walking is dancing.
5How long does it take to be good?
Dancing is like an easy language that you already sort of speak. So how long depends on your desired level of communication.
6How much are lessons?
We have a variety of programs to fit any budget. Price is based on your availability & dance goal.
Side Effects to Dancing

Fun ~ Smiling ~ Laughing Out Loud ~ Confidence ~ Posture ~ Balance ~ Rhythm ~ Timing ~ Improved Social Skills ~ Traveling ~ Physical Conditioning ~ Fun ~ Feeling Sexy ~ Improved Communication Skills ~ Teamwork