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Address: City Style Tango 164 E Maple Rd Troy, MI 48083

Phone: 248-808-6099


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Tuition is due by the 1st of every month. September tuition is due at registration along with the $25 registration fee. A $25 late fee is charged for tuition payments received after the 15th of every month. If the 1st falls on a weekend, please be sure to turn in tuition prior to that date. No dancer’s account can be more than three weeks late. If tuition is not paid in full at that time, the dancer will be considered as having dropped the class.

You can pay by cash, credit card, or check. Cash payments should be placed in an envelope with the student’s name, class, and amount enclosed written on the envelope. A $40 bank fee will be charged for each check that is returned due to insufficient funds.

A 5% discount is available if the entire year’s tuition is paid in full by September 30th.

We have dance apparel in our studio for purchase, but you can refer to the information sheet on our website for a complete dress code. (offer to send them this info sheet or read off the specific class requirements from the dress code sheet located on the 2nd page of the general information sheet). We recommend wearing a skirt or slacks over leotard and tights when coming to and from class. Please check the weather forecast! Students are allowed to do the warm-up portion of the class in a light exercise jacket or shirt if needed in the colder months.

All students are expected to come to class regularly and on time. Parents and students are reminded that any absence hampers a student’s progress and affects the class as a whole. If an absence is imperative, please call to be excused from the class and make arrangements to make up the lesson. Make-up lessons can be done in another class of a differing age level or genre.

The current class schedule is designed for beginners up to 2 years of experience, however for more experienced students, we do offer private lessons and the opportunity to be a leader in the class and submit choreography for performance consideration. You are welcome to try a class in the appropriate age group where Miss Lenore or Miss Sophia will do a dance placement assessment to see what would be a good fit. For students in between levels, we recommend trying two classes to find the best fit (an example would be a student who is between 6 and 7 years old who may be able to do either Mini-Ballet or Junior Ballet; often students will benefit from being enrolled in both levels. A 12-year-old in 10-12 can be a leader and strengthen existing skills while learning new ones in the 13 & up classes).

Students often get distracted when their parents are watching them, and it can make it hard to learn. While we completely understand if you’d like to watch, we encourage you to come during our Parent Observation Weeks where you can observe the class and take pictures if you’d like! We will announce these in email and on our Facebook page.

Yes! There is an annual showcase in June. Venue, dress rehearsal, and showcase dates are announced by early spring.

Each class requires a $75 costume fee due by  November 15, 2018. A $20 late fee will be charged after the due date. This is to ensure we receive costumes in time for the performance and have time for any necessary alterations. Costumes are purchased and are yours to keep.

Dancers are encouraged to bring a refillable water bottle, but snacks are prohibited during class unless due to a medical situation. If there is a medical need, please inform us and we will make accommodations.

All dancers with hair able to be pinned up are required to have their hair secured off their face and neck in a bun against the head. Make a bun by twisting or braiding hair, using a bun holder or whatever it takes to create a neat bun that keeps hair off of face and neck. Hip Hop dancers must have hair pulled back off of their face. If the hair is too short for a bun, please secure the hair away from the face with barrettes or hair ties. The instructor begins classes on time, and there will not be time to do your child’s hair. Please arrive ready for class.

You can call us at 248-808-6099, message us through our Facebook page, or email us at CityKidsCST@gmail.com. Our Program Director, Lenore Brown, or one of our staff members will reply to your inquiry as soon as possible.