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Partner Dance Styles

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Argentine Tango originated in Buenos Aires and has evolved over the years. It is traditionally danced in a close embrace, though Tango Nuevo often incorporates an open embrace as well. Argentine Tango also focuses heavily on improvisation and musicality, with the partner connection being central to the dance.

American Tango features staccato-like movements with couples dancing in close constant contact.

East Coast Swing is a high-energy dance characterized by spins, under arm turns, and the triple step.

Bachata originated in the Dominican Republic and is a romantic style of Latin dance. The dance incorporates three steps with a tap of the foot on the fourth beat and hip movement throughout. Bachata can be danced in a traditional or sensual style, often featuring under arm turns and body rolls.

The Waltz is a classic ballroom dance that incorporates a “rise and fall” in its movements and is danced in ¾ time. The Viennese Waltz is a variation of the Waltz that is danced much more quickly than traditional Waltz.

West Coast Swing is a smooth, sultry style of dance that can be danced to many different types of music. This is a highly improvisational “slot” dance where couples dance on the same track.

Salsa is a fun, energetic dance that incorporates steps in sets of three. This Latin dance is a very social dance with improvisation, hip movement, and style.

Foxtrot is a classic American style of partner dance traditionally danced to jazz or Big Band music, danced in closed position, and with a smooth style of movement.

Cha-Cha is a dance in which five steps are danced in four beats of music, hence the cha-cha-cha. Danced to Latin music, Cha-Cha incorporates hip movements, attitude, and flair.

Mambo is a Latin dance typically featuring high-energy music and a distinct movement of the hips. This dance has a long, cultural history and is still danced in modern ballroom competitions.

The Viennese Waltz is danced more quickly than the traditional waltz and is one of the genres of ballroom dance.

The Rumba is a romantic Latin dance, first originating in Cuba. This sensual dance is characterized by figure-eight hip rolls and sharp swiveling foot movements.

Merengue has evolved from is Dominican roots and is danced to upbeat Latin music. Couples step side to side in a variety of directions while incorporating hip and arm movements. Merengue is often danced in the club and is easy to learn for couples looking to get on the dance floor quickly.

Samba is known for its characteristical “Samba rhythm” which can be referred to as a bouncing or dropping motion. This dance has Brazilian roots but is also danced today in a modern ballroom style.

Country Two-Step is a smooth, generally quick dance and is similar to Foxtrot. Posture is tall, steps are long, and partners are travel together.